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Build a culture of safety, quality, yield and productivity

Food Safety

Implement a food safety program that minimizes risk, meets regulatory and customer requirements, and protects your brand.

Workplace Safety

Protect your frontline workforce with a comprehensive workplace safety program that reduces injuries, minimizes lost work time, and lowers worker's claims.


Expand profit margins with a frontline training, coaching and communications program designed to maximize product yield and raise worker productivity.

Farm to Fork Industry Expertise

We work closely with leading food associations, organizations, and certification schemes to solve the unique challenges of your industry.

Undeclared allergens continue to be a leading cause of recalls. Join us as we discuss proper allergen handling practices to help you better protect your brand.

March 9 @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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Need a new year’s resolution that will pay huge dividends throughout the year? Now is the perfect time to take a hard look at the results of your operations in 2015 to identify areas for improvement. Where were your successes and failures in safety, product, and people? What pictures does your data paint in the areas of quality, yield, and productivity?
Alchemy News
Integrated Alchemy training program engages frontline workers Austin, TX – September 1, 2015 – For more than 65 years, family-owned Vanee Foods Company has helped food service companies and distributors deliver safe and quality products under a variety of brands. When Vanee Foods wanted to strengthen its food and safety program, it turned to Alchemy
February 17 - February 18
Sacramento, CA
February 20 - February 23
San Diego, CA

Our Clients

Thousands of the top food companies use Alchemy to meet their safety and operations goals.

We’ve reduced the number of medical aid injuries by 50% since implementing Alchemy, and we celebrated six years of no lost time incidents. That was the highest record through Bonduelle International.
-Jodi Haggith, Bonduelle International
Since implementing Alchemy employee retention has gone up. We’ve got better, happier employees out there -- they're learning more, and doing more, and they're engaging in these programs because they can see their progress.
-Dan Stephenson, TruFood Manufacturing
We’ve had a great overall year -- from having no lost time safety accidents to reducing our quality complaints in half, to reducing our quality holds by 20%. The Alchemy training program has gone a long way towards making our employees better employees, more knowledgeable employees and more productive employees.
-Jim Gilday, Bigelow Tea
With Alchemy Vanee Foods Company has had zero HACCP deviations, and we’ve had zero food borne illness outbreaks. It all begins with that front-line worker and giving them the tools they need.
-Jack Ridge, Vanee Foods Company


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